Reservations / Planning worksheet


I have an item set with a Reordering Policy = Maximum Qty and Reserve = Always

Here is my scenario:

  • I am creating a sales order for a qty of 30 of my item but there are no available inventory,
  • I run the planning worksheet, it creates a line for that item but with no reservation.
  • When I click on the field “reservation”, I see that there is a line associated with the sales order but the reservation status is “Tracking”.

I would like the system to reserve the quantity for my order even if the reordering policy = “Maximum qty.” and not “order”.

Is it possible ?


The automatic reservations will only happen when:

  • A multilevel production order where the Manufacturing Policy field of the involved parent and child items is set to Make-to-Order. The planning system creates reservations between the parent production order and the underlying production orders to ensure that they are processed together. Such a reservation binding overrides the item’s default costing and application method.

  • A production, assembly, or purchase order where the Reordering Policy field of the involved item is set to Order. The planning system creates reservations between the demand and the planned supply to ensure that the specific supply is created.

  • A production order created from a sales order with the Sales Order Planning function is linked to the sales order with an automatic reservation.

  • An assembly order created automatically for a sales order line to fulfill the quantity in the ($ T_37_900 Qty. to Assemble to Order $) field. This automatic reservation links the sales demand and the assembly supply so that sales order processors can customize and promise the assembly item to the customer directly. In addition, the reservation links the assembly output to the sales order line through to the shipping activity that fulfills the customer order.

In the case of supply or demand that is not allocated, the planning system automatically assigns a reservation status of type Surplus. This could result from demand that is due to forecasted quantities or user-entered planning parameters. This is legitimate surplus, which the system recognizes, and it does not give rise to action messages. Surplus could also be genuine, excess supply or demand that remains untracked. This is an indication of an imbalance in the order network, which causes the system to issue action messages. Note that an action message that suggests a change in quantity always refers to type Surplus.

Automatic reservations that are created during the planning run are handled in the following ways:

  • They are applied against item quantities that are part of the availability calculation, as are manual reservations.

  • They are included and potentially changed in subsequent planning runs, as opposed to manually reserved items.

In the case of Max Qty., not possible. Also, the Order Tracking will peg the Reservation Entry to the Planning Worksheet Line and update after you create the Purchase Order. Have set the Reservation to Always you are producing Order Tracking reservation entries.

Hope this helps.


Reordering Policy does not relate to reservations, it is used to calculate what quantity to suggest in planning. In planning worksheet, lines are suggested (and order tracking can peg the demand if that is enabled on the item) but reservation is created once the suggestion is accepted into purchase order, production order or equivalent if you have set Reserve=Always on the item.