Reservation entry error when backflushing

Hi everyone, One of our customers is using some chemicals for painting threads. The chemical items are defined in the item cards with “kg” as base unit of measure and also gram (gr) is used for these items. In the production BOM of a painted thread, the chemical quantities are defined with the second unit of measure (gr). When a production order is created for painting, the chemical requirements are calculated as “gr”. When we try to backflush the production order components, we get a message like " Another user has modified the record for this Reservation Entry after you retrieved form the database …Entry No:…Positive: No" . I am sure that no other user is affecting the record. The gr-kg conversion of the quantities may be a reason? Does anyone have an idea? Regards,

Hi Didem Is this the 3.70 customer you referred to earlier? I ask as again (sorry) it is a known issue, but in earlier versions: Unit of measure on Production BOM is not being used with auto flushing in Attain 3.01 or 3.10. Example: Base unit on the item is lbs. The item also has a uom of FT =.0008. The production bom is set to use FT. When releasing the order (forward flush), the component is being consumed using lbs rather than feet. Note - This document contains a fix for the base unit of measure of a component being consumed instead of the unit of measure on the Production BOM. (or do they really mean the opposite??) Resolution Fix for CU22: InsertConsumpEntry(VAR ProdOrderComp : Record "Prod. Order Component";ProdOrderCompLineNo : Integer;QtyBase : Decimal;ModifyProdOrderCo WITH ItemJnlLine DO BEGIN //- // Quantity := ROUND(QtyBase / "Qty. per Unit of Measure",0.00001); Quantity := QtyBase; //+ Again I have not tested this, but this is an MBS response.

I am not sure that I understood you correctly… Let me give an example to make myself clear… An item is used 30gr in a production BOM. In the production order of a quantity of 100, the component requirement is 3000gr=3kg. In the production order component line, the expected quantity is shown as 3000 whereas in the item card, the quantity on component lines is 3. When I try to change the status of the prod. order as finished, it would backflush the component. But I get the message mentioned before. In the reservation entry table there are 2 different lines with the same entry no mentioned in the error message: 1. not positive and quantity to handle = -3000 2. positive and quantity to handle = 3 Does the error depand on the conversion? What should I do?

Hi Didem Basically in earlier versions if you had ANY difference between the BOM component line UOM and the base UOM of the item card Navision fell over. So in some places you see the Production BOM UOM but Navision, when auto flushing, ignores this UOM, tries to flush the base UOM and then hits an error as the quantitiy it should flush is not the quantity it is going to flush. Essentially if the Production BOM UOM is different from the Item card UOM Navision did not work.

Then it is still a problem in 3.70. Is there a hotfix or other solution than not using different UOM? Thank you very much for your interest

I am not sure at all. I would need to run it through in 3.70

Hi Didem I just ran this through as follows on 3.70 Serialised Parent making 1 off The component is stocked in KG with GR UOM 0.001 per KG. The Production BOM has UOM GR on the line Quantity per of 1000. I purchase 10 KG of the component. Raise a production order for the parent. Report output of the one parent defining the serial number. Change Status to finished. This backflushes 1000 GR of the component. The component stock is now 9. Therefore I believe it is fixed in 3.70. What is the version of your Production Order Line and Production Order table? I do not feel you are on 3.70, or at least not patched to the hotfix I am running, which I believe is 25.

Hi again, I am using Navision version W1 3.70 and Production Order table version: NAVW13.70.00.08 Production Order Line table version: NAVW13.70 Is this the reason?

Hi Didem Do you know what hotfix you are running? I have the same version tables but not encountering the issue. If you agree with my statement of processing above we are processing in the same manner. This would imply the issue is resolved in a hotfix.

I am processing in the same manner. When I try it on Navision Attain Database, it works. However, in SQL server DB, I get error. Does it mean anything?

My testing is on 3.70 SQL, so I wqould guess not, although you might want to ask someone more technical!

Same problem here on version 3.60 (with a lot of hot fixes implemented, have to check how much to be sure). Base unit of measure of an item (Glue) is KG. On Production order components we use for example 2 GR for each produced item. When we have a production order for 5000 items we need 5000 times 2 GR. But with backflushing it tries to consume 10000 KG instead of 10 KG. When I change the quantity on the component line from 2 GR to 0.002 KG the problem is fixed. Is there a fix for 3.60? Many thanks