Reservation details

Hi All ,

I have gone through the reservation process in Axapta . I could able to reserve the stock against the sales order and purchase order also .

When i reserve the qty for a sales order against the purchase order , I could able see the Reserved qty in the reservation form , but where can i see the purchase order details in the reservation form ?

Please share .

If you are talking about “Reserved ordered” scenario where the PO is reserved against an SO, you can see the purchase order reference in the reservations form

SOLIne> Inventory>reservation> third grid should show you the PO details

Thanks Santosh ,

Please post the screen shot because i did not find any PO information in the reservation in AX 09 & 12 .

Thanks in advance.

I guess you didn’t enable the “view receipts” check box on the top right of the form

Thanks for the screenshot ,

But that functionality view receipts is not related to that reserved purchase order . That field View receipts will show all the purchase orders . I suggest you create 4- 5 Purchase orders for the same material and click the view receipts , then you would understand .

I think the functionality which i am looking is missing in (earlier <= 2009 & 2012 R2 versions ) of Axapta.

Please correct me if i am wrong .

Thanks in advance.

Look at the marking.

Thanks Adam ,

Your statement confirmed that the functionality which i am looking ( Reserved Po details in the Reservation form ) is missing in (earlier <= 2009 & 2012 R2 versions ) of Axapta.

Well it is not missing.

If you are trying to compare 4 to AX2012 you are going to be writing a 1000+ page document [:D]

Lally, I think I’m wrong. But, did you manage to see the Purchase order reference some where else?

Of the received purchase orders the marking (if using) would show you the stock and purchase order the sales order is marked against.

I think reservation would be against inventory and Marking would be against the transaction (Issue <-> Receipt)

Yes so in Lally’s example of many purchase orders you need to look at the marking [:D]

No , But what i have understood is functionality is not available in standard AX .

But it is.

Several Purchase Orders and in the Reservation screen you would see the receipts and the reservation quantity. In the Marking screen it will reference the purchase order for you that the actual reservation quantity is made against. So in your example of 5 purchase orders in the reservation screen the marking would list one - the one the reservation is against.