Requisition Worksheet Functionality

Hello all,

Can someone explain me how Requisition Worksheet function ?

For example, assuming that i would to change(customize) the calculating process of Requisition Worksheet , what objects i should modify?

Another thing would be , if i want to use Replenishment System::Transfer from Requisition Worksheet , it work only with SKU ?

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So you want to change the calculating process and you do not know how it works?

Point 2, yes you have to use SKU’s to set the replenishment system to transfer order.

Thank you for quick reply,

I think i expressed a little bit wrong, i know how it works, what objects implies, but i need some help from some experts.

First i would like to know if i went wrong from beginning. The actual algorithm begins with :

IF Inventory + PurchOrder - ReturnPurchORder - SalesOrders + ReturnSalesOrdes - TransOrder then…

i forget , continnuos …- ServiceOrders

I am not a developer, but it will perhaps start the calculation like that, but it will look at the reordering policy, replenishment method, then the supply and demand balance before overlaying the order modifiers. All performed in low level code order.

So if anyone can help me with any indication,

because i have to set up the requisition worksheet
and i still don’t get it where the calculation algorithm is made, for example:
IF Inventory + PurchOrder - ReturnPurchORder… THEN
the inventory purpose is…

I saw the Inventory Profile table, or Inventory Profile Offsetting CodeUnit, but it is
a little bit hard to completely understand.

Thanks in advance,

Are you looking for someone to translate the code for you because it is hard to understand? Not sure why you want this, not sure why you want the algorithm. Imagine it takes all demand and balances it with a supply suggestion. Why do you need to know more?

I am not sure any developer will sit down and translate what the code does into non-code speak, but if you need this it worries me you are then going to develop it when you do not understand it! I believe you will have to sit down and although it is hard you will need to master it yourself.

I found this document which is very usefull.


But nothing to do with translating the code you are looking at. If you think that is useful to you fine, I suggest you read the manuals on customer source as well, I would also suggest you do not modify the system as per your original post.

Hi AdamRoue,

That’s for sure,i will not change anything until i am sure what i do.

Regarding the code, i will do my best ,word-by-word whenever needed, until i will fully understand it.

Thanks a lot anyway,

No problem, best of luck with it.

I am sure you will find more questions! [:D]