Requisition Work Sheet

Please help: I am trying to use Requisition Work Sheet in Purchase&Payable. I already filled in all required fields in item card such as: Max order, Reorder Point, Reorder qty, Min/Max order qty, Safety stock & Safety lead time. Requisition Method: Manuf policy=Make to Stock, Cal Below reorder=Checked, Reorder policy=Max qty, Cal w/inv=checked. When I do Calculate Plan, it gives me all wrong infos. I called my NS and they gave me this instruction: Option 1: Inventory - Setup - Inventory Setup - Location tab Location Mandatory may need to be unchecked. Option 2: Stock Keeping Units will need to setup for all items. I have tried this and it is still wrong. Any suggestions to use this Navision feature would be appreciated. Thanks

Well, you say it’s wrong, but you don’t say WHAT is wrong.

Sorry for not being cleared. Items with Actual qty on hand is more than Reorder point qty but Navision suggest to order anyway. And items with qty on hand below reorder point, Navision does not suggest to order. Thanks

The requisition worksheet is very complex, and the potential number of combinations in set-up make it very difficult to give you a set-up which provides the correct answers - here is one method that will work… 1. Create a New Requisition Method code called ‘Max Qty’ as follows: Code: Max Qty Name: Max Qty Manufacturing Policy: Make-to-Stock Calc. below Reorder Point: No Reordering Policy: Maximum Qty Calc. with Inventory: Yes On the Item card or SKU card set the following fields Requisition System to: Purchase Requisition Method Code: Max Qty Max Inventory: to (say) 20 Safety Stock: to (say) 5 - this becomes the reorder point back up to the max qty. Reorder Cycle: 1D or greater (this will aggregate the demand with that period onto one PO line.) Do not populate the Reorder Point or Reorder Qty Fields You can use the Maximum, Minimum Order Qty & Order Multiple fields if you desire… Run the Requisition worksheet against the above part. Set The ‘Order Date’ to Today On the Requisition W/S bring forward the ‘Planning Flexibility’ Field and set it to NONE. - This will stop Navision from changing the PO that you are going to create from the requisition line when you run the Requisition worksheet at a later date. Alternatively you can also se the ‘Planning Flexibility’ field on the PO line after you have created it from the Requisition worksheet, or manually. If you follow the above Navision will order any sales demand and maintain a min max stock level. Have Fun!!!

Hi euronail Just as a reminder, if the on hand quantity has never been above the reorder level - no replenishment order will be gerneated - this i s by design [:D]! (HQ-748-562-WTHB) If what Ally has suggested does not help you detail some examples down - the item settings, requisition settings, etc and what you are getting as suggestions from the system and what you expect. Whilst this is a complicated area of the system with lots of input it is also a problematic area, with lots of calculation issues. I am unsure what your issue is - what version are you running?

On the requisition worksheet with the following setting on an item: for example item abc on hand = 235 max inventory = 240 reorder = 24 reorder qty = 180 min order qty = 120 max order qty = 240 multiple = 12 safety stock = 36 With ANY of the ordery policy (fixed, max, order or lot) and EITHER WITH calculate below reorder point or not checked, the requisition worskheet still pop this item up, even though the quantity on hand is well above the reordering threshold. Why ? and why does it tell to order when we don’'t need to or does not tell to order when and item is even below ) for qty on hand? Thanks

Hi Euronail Could you also give a few other details Requisition methood, and all the settings within it. Just pick one that does not work so I can replicate it. Quantity on sales orders, quantity on production orders, quantity on component lines, and quanitity on purchase order. can I have this by location i.e. are you using SKU’s? Is demand on a locaiton you do not have invnetory for? Also can you tell me what it is telling you to make?

Just so you know I have used your settings and cannot get it to appear on the requisition worksheet [:D]

Hi Euronail I´ve the same problems like You. And nobody can help me. This hange of complex requisition methods came with Attain. Financials until 2.6 was much easier in this point. But if you get a usefull solution, let me know. bye.

Hi Murat If you describe the settings of your similar problems as I have requested from euronail perhaps I can reproduce the issue and suggest a solutiuon. I believe the issues to be around incorrect settings, but without all the settings I cannot a) reproduce the issue, or b) suggest a solution [:D]

Hi Steve, I remember we had a topic on the difference between Reorder Pt and Safety Stock. I managed to get the solution from the 3.60 codeunit Inventory Profile Offsetting. That might help. thnx

Hi Prashanth 1) What was the solution? 2) What is this post doing in the development forum? [:D]

Hi euronail, what is your setting for Reorder Cycle? Michael

Firstly, I would like to thank for all of your inputs into this dragging subject. I think you guys have been more helpful than my NSC. To reply to Michael question: I don’t know what this Reorder Cycle for and I do not set anything in that field. By the way, my business do not involve anything in production, we are a distributor, buying and selling Someone had asked me earlier which Nav version I am using. I am using Nav 3.10A. Is there any difference between this and the latest 3.60. Any suggestion on upgrading? Are there any new features or improvement in Requistion Worksheet and Bank Reconciliation. Thanks you all

Hi euronail Naturally some errors have been resolved in the planning worksheet area from 3.10 to 3.60. I am unsure on the bank reconciliation as some countries have this altered in the local version to handle specific country requirements, but I would guess they have not resolved you issues. Your NSC should be able to tell you these localised changes - I can list some error fixes from the 3.60 documentation if you wish - or even send you the full document. However I do not believe these will resolve your issue, as this is more likely to be a set-up issue rather than a bug. if you can descrie the requisition method settings and the open amounts on sales orders etc I can try to reproduce it. I think this is the issue simply because otherwise I would have expected a big fix at the top of the list resolving this issue in 3.60 (Although I could of course be wrong![:D]).