Requisition for BOM requirements

Hello, Should there not be a function that takes the BOM-requirement calculations report fucntionality and sticks the results in the req. worksheet?! It seems that req. worksheet has got very complex since Navsion 3.xx, but still omits looking at BOM journals. I don’t understand why inspite of the existance of the aforementioned report there is no simple way to generate purchase orders for required BOM components! Maybe I have missed a trick? The only work around I can come up with using S&R, Inventory and P&P is to enter the BOM item on the sales order line, explode it, run the req. worksheet and create pruchase orders from it, then manully reverse act of exploding, by removing the component lines and re-instating the BOM item on sales order. Messy I know. Does anyone one else have workaround suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Jon Do you always buy-to-order for the completed item or sometimes stock the components? I also presume you do not buy all of the components from the same supplier - so could not explode the BOM on the PO? I suppose you could always look at the Planning Worksheets in Manufacturing, but still you need control over the parent and components from a stocking levels perspective. Depending on the actual requirements you could always get this modified. The BOM Journal is an intent to make, and the report shows you the net requirements, if you went further in the modules the BOM journal would become a production order and the planning worksheet, depending upon the parameters, would tell you what to buy. So Navision has the kind of functionality (arguably) you want, just in other areas. Your workaround is seems the easiest solution to what you describe (assuming you do not want to stock) component stock.

Hi Steven, Thanks for your reply (as a regular reader I suspected u may be first to reply on this one). With regard to exploding on purchase order you are spot on, components can be many and all from different suppliers. I am actually looking for neat way of generating purchase orders based on sales order for an assembled BOM item, but without going for full blown manufacturing module. I thought I would develop neat way of reversing exploded BOM on sales order line, to try and tidy up the work around i described, but while in the process, i thought a much better approach would be to add report 808 - BOM req. Calc. functionality to rep 699 - “Calc plan.”. However, and its a big HOWEVER, since I last looked at rep 699, in NF2.60 its gone planning crazy, and pretty scarey! I am now a bit dubious about attempting this mod. I am now reading a gripping (apologies to author it actually looks a very good document!)document entitled “Technical White Paper Supply Planning Navision Attain and Navision Manufacturing 3.10” after that I may need a re-think! Best Regards Jon-haven’t sussed how to change profile name-McArthur

Do you want the 3.70 paper to confuse you further[:D] I think the bigest problem you will have is finding, as you say “a neat way” of doing this, but do not let this stop you trying!