Request page creation


Please can someone help me How to create a request page for a report?

Request options pages are created from the report designer by clicking “Request Page” in the View menu.

The actually creating the request page is just like creating other pages. The easiest is to copy the page controls from an existing report so that it has the right structure with Container/Group.

If you are using NAV2009 or NAV2009SP1 or NAV2009R2 then you can create by running transformation tool.

Export report as Forms.xml in transformation tool folder

run exe

Import Pages.xml file.


Hi Mohana,

I’m sure she’s using NAV 2009 - otherwise there would be no Request Page - but an option page?

But I don’t see how it could be easier to export a report to forms.xml, locating and installing the transformation tool, running the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe file, importing and compiling, than it is to manually insert the two header controls and the fields you want to insert into your request page? Unless you are converting a complex classic report with a big request form!

Love your alternative thinking here, but cannot see what’s the advantage of your suggestion, compared to inserting it manually or copying it from another report. [:)] And unless Akila is a developer license, then she cannot even use the transformation tool.