Request Form Variable not populated Windows Authenticated User


Navision 4.0 SP3

I have created a request form for a report and the request form captures a date entered by the user. I have given the user the Super role (Windows Authenticated User).

When the Windows authenticated user runs the report from the Object Designer, the Variable behind the date field is populated and can be used by the report. However, when the Windows Authenticated user runs the report from the Menu Suite the variable is not populated. When I run the report from the Menu Suite using a database authenticated user the variable is populated.

I can’t understand why the variable is not popluated when run from the Menu Suite as a windows authenticated user. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Simon

Hi Simon,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

I believe you are running the report from Object Designer (or is it Navigation Pane?)

Are you not getting “Options” (Request Form) tab while using Windows Authentication?

The least like but you can try, if the database is on SQL Server : Tools>> Security >> Synchronise

Hello Dhan

When the user runs the report from Object Designer, she does not experience a problem. It’s only when she runs it from the Navigation Pane that she gets the problem.

Yes - she always gets the “Options” tab on the request form, irrespective of where she runs it from.

I had already synchronised the user permissions. She has the “Super” role.

Thanks, Simon


How many variables are there in the request form?

Check if some code is written on that variable in the request form.

Hello Dhan

There are 3 controls on the request form with variables associated to them. The variables are:

RPIPercentage (Decimal), dteRPIAppliedToDate (Date), bolPreviewOnly (Boolean).

Yes - some code is written in the request form that uses the request form variables. Please see all code from the request form below:

IF RPIPercentage = 0 THEN BEGIN
MESSAGE(‘RPI amount cannot be zero!’);

IF DATE2DMY(dteRPIAppliedToDate,1) <> 1 THEN BEGIN
MESSAGE(‘You must enter a date that is the 1st of the month!’);

//Get date range that we need to filter the Next RPI Review Date on
//Take the 1st day of the month and get the last day of the previous month
///and the 1st day of the next month. So if user enters 1/11/09 Date range is 31/10/09…1/12/09

dteRPIStartDate := dteRPIAppliedToDate;
dteRPIEndDate := CALCDATE(’+1M-1D’, dteRPIAppliedToDate);

//Get the last date from the RentRPI Table
//Make sure that the user is trying to process the correct month
IF CALCDATE(’+1M’, recRentRPI.RPIPeriod) <> dteRPIAppliedToDate THEN BEGIN
MESSAGE(FORMAT(recRentRPI.RPIPeriod) + ’ RPI period is out of sequence. Last RPI period was ’ + FORMAT(recRentRPI.RPIPeriod));

IF bolPreviewOnly = FALSE THEN BEGIN
txtReportTitle := ‘RPI Process Report’;
bolPostConfirm := CONFIRM(txtPostConfirm);
IF bolPostConfirm = FALSE THEN

Cheers, Simon