Request Form filters

Short version: How can I display a report filter, on the report’s request form? Long version: Users have requested that the purchase Batch Post report should post only Released P.O.'s. This is easy to do with a SETFILTER on Status, but I would also like the report request form to show “Status - Released” to make it clear that it is only processing some of the P.O.'s. Any ideas about how to do this? I achieved this once on a report when I did a SETRECFILTER - the request form displayed all primary key fields, and their values - but SETRECFILTER does not make sense for a batch posting report, and in any case Status is not in the primary key. Thanks in advance. Alastair

It can’t be done from within the report. You have to call the report with code like this: PurchaseHeader.SETRANGE(Status, PurchaseHeader.Status::Released); CLEAR(BatchPostPurchaseInvoices); BatchPostPurchaseInvoices.SETTABLEVIEW(PurchaseHeader); BatchPostPurchaseInvoices.RUNMODAL;

Sv, many thanks for the detailed reply - it does what I wanted. Alastair