reprinting checks

How do I reprint checks from NAV 2013? I have ticked the box beside reprint checks, but I still get an error saying that the check number is already assigned. I have not posted from when the checks printed on blank paper instead of check stock.

Hi [mention:377f1e032d394be4aef2c6e2985e417f:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ,
If you have already printed a check You need to VOID the check before reprinting it.

In doing so, it creates a different check number when I reprint. It originally printed on blank paper instead of check stock, so I just need to reprint using the same check number. Am I missing something?

That’s the natural behavior of check printing in NAV. If you void a check, automatically it will increment 1 check number. If you don’t want to increment a check number you have to customize it. Look for the following line in the report (US Version Report i am talking) and add your necessary customization “INCSTR(UseCheckNo)”.

Thank you. Where is this report found? i.e. Departments/Payables?

Yes, Go To Departments>Payables>Payment Journal>Navigate>Print Check You can find the report.