Reporting: Include Multilanguagual Caption

Hey there,

I’m using NAV 2015 in version 8.0.39368 and I have a problem regarding the IncludeCaption Property in the Report Dataset Designer.

I have done some calculation and stored the results in a buffer table (called statistics).

With an Integer Dataitem i want to iterate over all entries of the buffer table, that’s why i have all of statistics (it’s a record variable) columns indented under the integer.

I set the IncludeCaption Property to yes.

In the RDLC Layout i used drag and drop to put the captions into a table (the value is e.G. =Parameters!Contact_NameCaption.Value)

I have filled the multilanguage caption in the buffer table with ENU and DEU captions which are the languages i have installed to my NAV.

I have also tried to fill the multilanguage captions of the columns in the report.

Even if i filled both, all I get in the print preview is the name of the column with an appended “Caption”. e.G. “Contact_NameCaption”

I have tried to use the label Manager and that worked fine.

Why does includeCaption not work in this case?

It only works for actual fields, like contact name, where contact is your dataitem.

In your case your buffer table field is not part of your dataitem (Integer). The fields from the buffer table are added to the report from a variable table, not a dataitem table.

It’s a bit annoying as if this worked, then adding captions were much easier.

You have to add the captions as their own fields in your dataset.