Reporting extention install

Hi everyone,

While installing the “Reporting Extensions”, when I put check mark on “Reporting Extensions” the below error message was coming
“You must install SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Service Pack 2 before installing the Reporting Extensions”

My System Configuration is:
àWindows Server 2003 OS
àAX 2009 SP1
àSQL Server 2008 R2 developer edition
àSQL Server 2005 Reporting Services with SP1, SP2 and SP3
And I even did copy the “Microsoft.Dynamics.Setup. ReportingServices.dll file” from AX 2009 SP1 and the same has been pasted in to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Setup
But still I am getting the same error
Can anyone tell me the solution?


Try to configure the reporting services configuration manager…

It might be helpful…

Its configured. Mtter is when we run axsetup.exe then when you will select reporting extenstion to be instlled.

you will get error.

hi geetika

found the solution for this or not?