Reported as Finished without a Batch Number


Our client get the error when try to end the production order - “Reported as Finished without a Batch Number”. The production order has been “Report as finished” successfully. What would be the potential cause for this?


Check the RAF report as finished transactions and when going to the main table on the batch number that it exists.

If I see the batch number is missing in the RAF transactions, how can rectify this transaction?


Verify in the Dimensions Group for that particular item, I think you must have the Batch number activated, with Blank receipt/issue allowed, that’s why you can post a RAF without the batch number.

Whilst that would be how it was blank it would not explain the original message, although I would suggest these are ticked causing the initial issue.

It is very interesting. I checked the code, it was caused by an inventory transaction in the picking list journal. The item is in the BOM lines of the production order, not the item that get manufactured. And the dimension group for the item is as below: the batch number is only active, not primary stocking. I check the picking list journal transactions, there were no batch number specided in the transaction. But how come AX still check the batch number when ending the production order?

Have you got report as finished ticked at the end?

Yes, the production order is “Report as finished” now, but just can’t end the production order.

No you misunderstand - have you got the RAF flag ticked during the end process?

Yes, I did.


What happens if you untick it and end it then as you have already processed the RAF?

Still the same error. But this produciton order has been created for more than one year. I was wonder if it was possible that the dimension group had been changed, so when the picking list journal was posted, it was allowed receipt/issue as blank. After posting the picking list journal, the “Allow receipt/issue as blank” checkboxes got unticked?


If this is the only order in that situation, try ticking the blank receipt allowed to see if you can End the order, then untick it again.

Other thought, reverse the RAF with a (-) and then post it again with a batch number and End the order. Of course it would be a good idea to have a test environment with a copy of the actual to do al this tests…