Hi there I am Financial Controller of a retail Optician Firm. I new to producing reports on Navision. There are 2 tables which I am using to get my data. I want to filter items from Item table by Brand and for each item there are variants in Item Variant table. I want to get Description2 column and inventory from Item Variant table for each item. Item Variant table has Item No column so I want to us “WHERE” function. Thanks D Varsani

Hi Varsani, it is very simple… just take the Item Variant table as first DataItem. take Item table as Next Dataitem with indentation 1. set DataItemlink with No.=FIELD(Code). Now u can get it.

Sorry, Dandar ! This brings up a lot of empty lines for item variants where the item is not in the filter for the brand. Also the link will not work as the code of a variant has nothing to do with the item no. I would do it the other way round. Item is first, variant is second, Table link is Item No.=FIELD(No.).

I think deven wants to run a query directly on the SQL backend. Is that so, deven?

I think What Thomas is suggesting is corect. But how do you do Table Link? I am selecting first item as Item table and second Item as Item Variant table. Please send me code if you have one. In short Item variant lines should only appear for the item displayed wheather filtered by Brand or Location or Item No. range. Many thanks

Hi Guys I got it. On dataitem “Item Variant” properties I set DataItemLink to Item No.=FIELD(No.). It’s working great on all filters on Item table. Cheers and many thanks for guiding me.