Report VendAccruedPurchases_NA making available for all legal entities


In AX2012R2 the report VendAccruedPurchases_NA is only available to legal entities whose primary address is in Canada or the US.

Does anyone knows what I need to adapt, to make this report available for every legal entity regardless the country in the primary adress?

And what might be the reason for Microsoft to decide to make this report only available for those 2 countries?

Thanks in advance

From the design it looks like the report is designed for US and Canada (localization Report)

The CountryRegionCode Property drives this; Have a look at property for \Menu Items\Output\VendAccruedPurchases_NA, which has values US, CA . Removing these values for that property will make it available for all the countries, unless there is no restriction at code level. Check this property values for temp tables used in the report as well.


Report is available now in every legal entity. And it seems to work correct.