Report starts with PAGENO 2

Hi, We created a report that has one header, and 2 bodies. The total length of the two bodies exceeds the page length, therefore it has been split. When I print the report it prints two pages which is correct, except the CurrReport.PAGENO value starts with 2 on the first page. Has anyone has any ideas? Cheers, Remco

Hi, Add the Integer DataItem as the first DataItem in your report. (You can remove the body section of the Integer DataItem) Indent the rest of your DataItems. Then on the OnPostSection of the Header of your second DataItem, write code: PageNo := CurrReport.PAGENO; Then add a Text Box with the Source Expression being the global - PageNo onto the Header section of your first dataitem. Then, hold thumbs and hope for the best [;)] Hope this helps. Jonathan