Report show multiple pages when there's only 2 items

hi folks,

i have a modified sales invoice, which print out various footer type based on scenario
1.display amount in words,
2.This is a computer generated letter no signature required
3.various branches/ subsidiaries address

the issues here when i put all properties to be bottom of page, report will generate 2 pages even if item purchase from customer only 2 items…

anyone knows a work around? [*-)]

some of the attempt i did in my footer section(but still not effective in rectifying the multiple pages issues),
4.On footer preDataItem:

5.Check no. of pages in request forms options=0

Have you set the right properties of Report ?

Such as TopMargin,BottomMargin,Orientation

As well as check if there any additional/unnecessary section is displayed during preview of report.


thanks for replying…
the ‘funny’ thing is using the same object i tested in my local its fine in print preview but when i load similar object to live> preview, it become 2 pages…
we are previewing it on printer preview…just navision preview only

i found the work around would be taking out the unnecessary dataitem thats not much in used and try to combine them if possible, in my case i take out total data item sections all together…, and play around with the properties(eg: PrintOnEveryPage, PlaceInBottom, KeepWithNext)

Thats good… Keep it up!!