Report Save to ASCII...

Hi @ALL In the Report printersettings when i choose save to File (ASCII) than it generates an .txt file but it doesnt look like the Report!! The CR–>HEX(0D) ist replaced by TAB–>Hex(09) Iam searching for the Method or Class that generates the ASCII file but coulnd find it… Maybe someone could help? Thx

Hi, You may need to check the SysReportRun class. I didn’t look in detail but this might help. Try debuging starting with the run() method.

Thank you for your reply! I have followed the debugger but i didnt find anything… It didnt jump to a Method or Class that writes the File… [:(!]

In the Report print() Method super jumps to ---------------------- public ReportViewer createReportViewer(PrintJobHeader _jobsCursor, PrintJobPages _pagesCursor, ReportRun _reportRun=null) { ReportViewer ret; if (BMMainControl::inAction()) ret = new BMReportViewer(_jobsCursor, _pagesCursor); else ret = super(_jobsCursor, _pagesCursor, _reportRun); return ret; } ---------------------------- than in the ReportViewer method its goes to … else ret = super(_jobsCursor, _pagesCursor, _reportRun); … after that the txt file is generated! An the debugger doesnt jump into… so i cant see the method that generate the .txt file… [V]