Report: printing Euro symbol

How can I print euro symbol in my reports? I try with char var but max value is 255… Any suggestion… Bye

There’s 2 way you can go about it : 1/ You can print your character using ALT + Ascii code on against A Label Box (ie : if you press your ALT key and type 65 you should get an A) or 2/ Have a Euro symbol bitmap stored in one field (blob type) of your table

Ah, you want to print an € sign… Then you have to be aware of two places where the character has to be present. Your computer must be able to display it (you may have to update your screen fonts. Check out the Microsoft site for an Euro update pack) and the printer must have it too. But then you should know if the printer is using its build-in font (then you have to update the printer), or that Windows is sending the whole page as an image (then the Windows font needs to have it). The fastest way to check if the euro symbol € is in the font is to look at the Character Map (Start button, Programs, Accessories (?), System utilities (?), Character Map. Don’t have an English Windows here, so no warranty on the names) John

I’ve already tried with ALT+0128 in a label but it doesn’t work. Is a BitMAp the only way? I don’t believe… Bye

Rodry, If you look at the Character Map, you’ll see that Alt+0128 should give the Euro symbol (€), if the symbol is in the font you are using. Mind that Alt+128 and Alt+0128 are two different characters! John

The answer is: There is no way to print the € Symbol in a Navision report (unless you use bitmaps of course). The reason is that Fin does not use ANSI but OEM character set and OEM simply doesn’t contain the € character. In fact every ANSI character unknown to OEM will be replaced by a Space. I had reported this issue to NDK about one year ago. Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

… oh, by the way, the answer I had received from Navision about this problem was absobloodylutely genious: “Write ‘EUR’ instead of using the € Symbol.” Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

thanks fabian for your answer!

You can print and display the € symbol in navision version 2.6 upward. press Ctrl Alt 4 (or Alt Gr 4) to get the symbol. Paul Baxter Edited by - triff on 2001 Aug 09 13:28:41

I guess this depends on your keyboard layout. For DAN keyboard layout it is AltGr+5. Also for you guys not using >2.6, try this little bmp. Euro sign download. Or create something similar with eg. Paint Shop Pro, depending on your printer resolution set the dpi to match this, and select the actual print size to match the font size. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Hi, we solved the Euro-Sign problem with an Euro-Font-Type. You have to install the font type EURO and put this as font type in your Field-Property. As Caption you’ve to put in an ‘E’. This font uses the letter E for the Euro-Sign. The font type can be downloaded at: Bye Patric

Thanks Patric. We continue this thread in Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG