Report Performance Issue

Hi All,

Aged Accounts Receivable report suddenly taking much time to run.

report has not changed from Oct’12.

Hardly one or two persons are running the report.

What may be the reason for report performance slow down.

If we say data, then it should slows slowly not suddenly & that is also 30-40 min.

Is there any other reasons like Hardware, services or any thing else? What should I check?

Document Posting taking normal time.


Hi Shruti,

Is this the classic or the RTC report?

What is Database Size ??

Is any maintenance done on database ???

Is it customized report or standard report ???

Hi Erik,

Its RTC report.


Fine, and what’s the answers to Amols questions?

Hello Amol,

Database size is about 20GB,

No one maintenance process on Database or machine.

Standard report but some customization are done in it.

If customizations are done to the aging report, then I’ll suggest that you try to run the unmodified standard report, and if this report is not also very slow, then you contact the developer who created the customized report.

Also if no maintenance is done on you SQL Server, then you should have it looked at also. A SQL Server is not something you just install and leave “AS-IS”, but something which needs to be maintained on a weekly basis. There are lots of posts here on DUG explaining the different jobs you should schedule on your server to get optimal performance.