Report Page Numbers


can anyone tell me, in reports, how to get Page n of m (i.e Page 1 of 10). All my current reports in navision shows only Page 1 and Page 2 like that.

Though i am not a technical user, i just try to figure out in the report designer.

There is Text Box placed for Page no and in properties the code displayed is


any help?

Try this:

Tips: How to print page# n of m pages. You can find the example here:


Just as a reference for this posting, I have heard that there is a 3rd party addon (not confirmed by myself) that works pretty well with Navision. Apparently you install it as a printer driver then print Navision reports to the printer and it takes over and does a whole lot of fantastic manipulation. I am considering this for a similar project we have where we need to be able to count the number of pages so we can put folding marks at the first and last page for a folding machine. . I know it may not apply to your original question, but hopefully it proves usefull to someone.


sounds too technical… for me…:slight_smile: will try to understand it anyways…