Report output question

My manager has asked me to knock together a quick report over our company Navision database to list all the postings to a specific GL account over the last year but giving totals by month. To do this, I’ve knocked together a quick tabular report over the GL Entries table sorted by GL account, posting date and in the AfterGetRecord function, I do a check to see if the month/year of the transaction is different to the previous. If it is, I reset a total amount Global which otherwise is accumulated. However, I can’t for the life of me spot how to output a total line when the month/year changes. Could I create a new report section and force output to it from within my AfterGetRecord function? At the minute, I’m just outputting the total after each record, which isn’t really what we want. Hope that all makes sense. Thanks in anticipation

Hi Skippy, How about inserting an extra DataItem - “Accounting Periods” (if of course this is the same as the totalling-parameter) - just before “G/L Entry”. And indenting “G/L Entry” under Then somehow use your accounting periods to SETFILTER on “G/L Entries”. I you can do so, you will be able to print the sub-total for the month in the footersection of “G/L entries”. regards Alexander

Will give that a go. As it happens, I’ve also just remembered the Analysis views functionality. That also gives me exactly what I’m after (totals by period by GL Acc) Thanks anyway

Well, I’m a developer, so I always, per definition, want to invent the wheel, before using standard… [:D] Check this report if you wish. regards, Alexander
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Me too, but I was stuck so had a little poke around. Thanks very much for that example. Sure it will come in helpful somewhere anyway. Regards, Gary

Aaaaaaa So it’s Gary, ay. Not TIA (noted that someone called you TIA, which lead you to not use the shortening [:D]), nor Skippy. By the way, I only made the funktionality in the report. The lay-ouy is like Buls…

lol I’ve got in the habit of using TIA for Thanks in Anticipation at the end of most of my posts where I want an answer of some description! Skippy’s the user profile I use on most sites.