Report Optimization


I have a Report of Customer Report Ledgerwise.

Normally whenever i execute this report it takes time approx 12 to 15 hours.

this report has the data of 8 years.

i just want to know is there any way to improve this report so that it won’t take much time.

Version AX4.0

I don’t have access to the version.
Check the business logic & do impact analysis, redesign the business logic if there is a chance to increase the performance.
these are the few checklists

  1. Proper indexes
  2. Use set based operations instead of row level, where ever possible
  3. use joins instead of multiple while loops

There could be number of reasons, why it can be slow.
Identify the long running queries (in SQL) and methods and find the ways of optiminzing them.
You can also use code profiler,…/aa847037(v=ax.10).aspx
Though optimized, If there is a huge data, it may take time. You can run such reports in batch.