Report of changes made to sales orders

Hi all. I searched around and couldn’t find a response to this question so I pre-apologize if it is a repeat or it is located somewhere else. I am trying to find a report of changes made to open sales orders (i.e. price, quantity, etc.). Thanks.

What exactly you are looking for ??

Are you looking for report sales orders?

I’m trying to find out all the changes that have been made to open sales orders from when they were initially entered to date (i.e. quantity changes, price changes, etc.). Thanks.

I’m able to run the current open sales order (Outstanding Sales Order Status) report but I don’t know what these open sales orders were booked at.

Customer A ordered 10 widgets at $1K each, a change was made and now the outstanding sales order shows 9 widgets at $900 each…I am looking to see the change of 1 widget less and $100 less for each one.

If you have activate following setup then you can find out who has changed the order.

  1. Sales & Marketing–> Setup–> Archive Quotes and Orders

  2. Change Log Activated from Administration–> Application Setup–>General–>Change Log

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I don’t have the “Archive Quotes and Orders” option in my NAV. Will this only show me for 1 specific sales order? I have a lot of them that are currently open and I don’t know which are the culprits for the change orders.

Current projects were booked at $10M originally, now the sales orders outstanding say $8M…I am trying to figure out what all changes were made to the sales orders that made up the $2M difference (like a Sales Order Outstanding Change report if such exists). In other systems I have used in the past I could just run a “Change Order Report” so I guess I’m looking for the same here.

Chad all this is possible in Navision, but it needs to be set up in advance. So the question is do you need this only for new orders going forward or do you need this information for an existing order?

If for new orders, then you just need to define the exact need and it can be set up.

If for historical (existing) orders then you most likely don’t have the data to be able to do this.

Oh, I’m not sure if it is set up really. I have only used NAV for 2 weeks and it is significantly different from Oracle. I was able to find the sales order archive which helped with some of the large sales order changes but there are 100’s to try and look at to see what has changed. I would like to reconcile as of now but I guess I can do this manually this time through and have IT setup a report for the future sales order changes if it isn’t already out there.

Thanks for the help David and Amol. I will just go through all the open sales orders and match to the 1st version in the archive to see what the $ amount change was. I’ll have IT go in and set up a change order report if it doesn’t exist currently. I just assumed there was a report out there that I just couldn’t locate.