Report - Items not sold for a certain time

Moin: I want to create a report that shows items that havn´t been sold for a certain time. I think I need these tables Item Ledger Entry Item As DataItemTableView I take SORTING(Entry Type,Item No.,Variant Code,Source Type,Source No.,Posting Date) WHERE(Entry Type=CONST(Sale)) As ReqFilterFields for Item Ledger Entry I take the Posting Date For example I want to see Items that havn´t been sold for the last 6 month I would input NOT 01.10.02…31.03.03 that is not accepted by NAVISION. How do I have to declare such a range ? How do I achieve that only one record of the Item Ledger Entry is used because I am not interested in all posting dates that are outside/inside my range? Any hints will be highly appreciated. Happy weekend to all of you! :o) Alarich

I used Value Entry table for this task.

Not totally clear on what you want to do. Do you want to see i) items where there have been NO sales for the last 6 months, or ii) do you want to see stock that is 6 months old ( I.e. Purchased 500 7 months ago, Sales 495, hence an open item ledger entry over 6 months old with a remaining qty of 5 ) You might consider looking at a standard report. Inventory Item Age Composition - Report 5807. If you run this with Period length 2M, then it’s easy to see inventory older than 6 months. I’m sure with some minor modifications this could give you what you want. [8D]

  1. Base your report on the item table. OnAfterGetrecord Check is there is any entry on that period of time you’re wanting to check or if there are not. If there are no entries, then do nothing. If there are entries (else) then currReport.SKIP; Regards,