report issue


i have one RFQcaseid ,for that i hav multiple vendors and multiple item lines.In report i want to display like

if there r ‘n’ vendors

caseid : ****

vendor1 vendor2 … vendor n

itemid rate amount rate amount rate amount

plz help me any one

thanks in advance


You need to create a multi column report for the same purpose so you can refer the following link:-

i thought link(vinay sent) is help full to you


Sorry guys above i am not clear with my requirment…i hav PurchRFQCaseTable with RFQCaseId , PurchRFQTable (RFQId ) has multiple vendors with same RFQCaseId, PurchRFQLine (RFQId) which has PurchRFQReplyLine for rate and amount .

In lines rate and amount are different for same items.

Refer the Request for quote details and Request for quote reply details form

i want to generate the above report for dynamic vendors in row wise …i got the logic but in report the line body it is displaying the data in diagonal way …

plz help me

thanks in advance

i am not getting can u plz describe me