Report Is Scaled 70% to fit to Page

Hi All

After completing my customizations in the report … in Auto Design , when i am priting the report it is looking very small .

Ex: It is fitting to 70% of the page. And the letters are displaying very small…

any one can help me where i need to change the properties for displaying the report with 100% Fit to page.

AP->Request For Quote Report.

All reports do this, so the users are trained to increase the view size on screen if required.


The report property ‘FitToPage’ (check under Design node) indicates whether report is resized to fit the width of the page.

Many customers ask to suppress the infolog (i.e. report scaled …). This can be done by setting suppressScalingMessage method in PrintJobSettings class to true. In the init method of the report, you have to write the following -