REPORT - Invoice id and project name????


In Projects—>Inquiries---->Invoice ----> invoice Proposal ---->print Preview in this report i need to display the

(1) invoice id , project name, Purchase order for the selected invoice.

(2) details of all the project for that particular invoice(i.e all the projects in hour tab,expense tab…)

(3) i have a column named ‘amounts’ how can i total all the amounts in that column and display it.

(4) is there any possibility to display the total amount in words(i.e if the total amount is 2345 i want to display it as two thousand three hundred and forty five)

Please help


  1. use Global::numeralstoTxt_En method to display amount in words

You need to modify the ProjInvoice Report.

you have projid from that you can find the name.

From ProjTransId you can find out the PO number if it related to Purchase Order

these things are already shown in the report.

use a sum control or write a display method.

see this

But Kranthi in ProjInvoice , when you run the report,it does not display the ProjInvoiceId by default. and i have written a display method for “ProjName” if((ProjInvoiceJour.ProjInvoiceId == ProjInvoiceOnAcc.ProjInvoiceId) && (ProjInvoiceJour.ProjInvoiceProjId == ProjTable.ProjId)) { Name = ProjTable::name(ProjInvoiceOnAcc.ProjId); } return Name; But i’m not getting the corresponding ProjName

why you are using that if statement? and where you have written it…

i’ve written it in the methods of the ProjInvoice Report

I think ProjInvoiceId will get generated after posting the invoice …