Report Generation

I need to generate a report for all transactions of a particular subscriber.

If i take subscriber 1 i need the report need to generate with the transaction id’s t0001, t0005,t0006 like tat.

Help me how to generate the report.

Thanks in advance.

Do you know how to create a report in AX 2009?

If not start looking for the basics here,

Or you know the reports development and if you have a specific question. Please let us know.

I know to create report.
I want to generate a report of transaction details for particular subsriber…

Based on the requirement i need to generate a report.

That really doesn’t say anything about the issue that you have during the report development.

You can add a data source to the Query (the table that has the subscriber transactions data) and add subscriber id as the range. This will let you select subscriber id from the query while running the report.

Most of the simple standard reports are built in that way without writing any code, you can take a look at them.

Yes, thank you Kranthi.