Hi Friends

I got stuck up at Small Customization of Report.Pls help me out.

I have Students Table with Id , Subject , Marks , Status as Field of Table.Here Status is a Enum with Fail and Pass as Elements.Here i am facing challeng in Retrving Records based on ld and report format .pls help me out.Report Format is as follows if Table Data is

Id Subject Marks Status

XXX Maths 60 Pass

XXX Tel 59 Pass

XXX Science 20 Fail

XXX SOC 31 Fail

Pass Fail

Subject Marks Subject Marks
Maths 60 Science 20
Tel 59 SOC 31

When i am doing this i am facing challenge in Pass and Fail Details Side by Side bcz i am getting in Top and Bottom Format.

pls help me out

Report->Datasources->GroupBy-> Id


Create two programmable or body section drop the desired fields in the section

One section to left and another to right

In fetch, if status is pass, execute section one else section two.

I think it will work