Report Design Can't Access

Dear All, I have one serious issue. I developed one Report but due to some errors now, whenever i take its Design its showing Don’t Send Error. But i can run the same…!!!

Is there anyway by which i can go to my Report Design…???

Please Help

Very Very Urgent



Hi Rose

Are you using developer License while going int to design ?

try compiling the report using the F11 button & the go to design mode

Hi Rose,

I would say that you must likely is not using the same license now as you did when you created the report.

Log out of NAV. Login again and then check the license. If you have a separate license you use whenever you develop reports, then remember to change to this license after you log in again.

If this doesn’t work, then I would like to know what version you are using and what’s the number of the report. And then the first 9 characters of your license number.

Hi Rose,

If you have a development license then try to export the report to text.

Dear All

I Compiled My report Using f11,But I cant .Again the same Dont Send error Message.My Report id is 204.This is an already existing report done by Microsoft .I made some modification in this report using Another Developer Liscence.

Plz Help…



You made some modifications to the report using “Another Developer License”. Can we presume that that license is no longer present in the database? You would need to compile it with this license in the database, otherwise if this is not available I would suggest reverting back to the original 204 report.

Hi Rose,

Forums like DUG are build on a community backbone by volunteers. If you have an urgent request, please log a support call with your NAV Partner. If you are a NAV Partner, then please log this issue ith Microsoft for paid support.

Thank you.

Export the modified object in fob format, so you have a backup of it. Also export it as text. Then, export the same object from a standard Cronus database, also as text file. Compare these two text files with a compare tool (I personally like Beyond Compare), to see what the differences are. Then remove the suspect elements using the report designer.

I’m sure it has something to do with an endless loop or an unlicensed automation component. Calls to external components should really be done inside codeunits, and add calls to those codeunits to other object types, so that those other objects never fail to compile, even when the developer is not licensed for those automation components.