Report creation through MS sql server report builder

In report creation in Nav 2017, how to link the textbox with labels.

guys please help me with the above and also send me some link to get the clear idea about report creation and linking different tables in nav 2017 (MS Sql report builder).



It depends how your “labels” are done in NAV?

Either they are “regular” fields and used like regular fields. Or they are made with “Include Captions”, and included as labels. Most standard reports have them as fields.

Thanks, Erik.

I have changed Include caption as ‘YES’.then I am trying to create the label in report builder.but it’s not coming properly.Can you please suggest me any link(pdf or video) about nav2017 report creation.



I can recommend this one. It’s about NAV 2013 R2, but the only I know where they show the SQL Report builder. And the report creation is not changed since then.

I have seen this above video and this youtube link also suggest some related videos.It seems like perfect help for me.

Thank you so much, Erik.

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