Report borders and font colors not working

Does anyone know why adding borders or changing the background or foreground font colors in design mode doesn’t have any effect in printed or previewed reports? Attain version US 3.01A beta 2, Lexmark T622 printer, Windows 2000 Pro.

Colours have never worked on Navision reports. Neither have borders. You can use the Shape tool to mimic some border designs, but I wouldn’t recommend it. They do work on forms though, but Navision frowns upon use of color on User interfaces :slight_smile:

Having seen some especially “psychedelic” screen designs in my time (Not done by me…), I can understand why! Far too bright! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

I’m not attempting anything psychedelic :wink: – I simply have a requirement for a white font on a black background (ie. inverse) in a small portion of a report’s header, and grid lines in the body section. I’ve done the grid lines using HorzLine and VertLine shapes instead of using borders, but looks like the only solution to generate a white on black font in a Navision report is to include a bitmap :frowning: Yuk! It would be nice if the background and foreground font colors worked.

Paul, I’ve seen another thing to suggest. It’s called Reform for Navision. In case you haven’t seen it, go to the North American Partner site and pull up document # 12600. It’s pricy, though. $1285 USD for an end user. And for what you need to do, the HorzLine and VertLine along with a Bitmap in the header should be much better. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada