Report -Avoid Null Values

I have a report that prints employees payroll information for specified months (Say Jan to Dec). Now this report prints ALL Employees regardless of if they were on the payroll for the specified period or not.

The idea is i want to skip employees (from printing in my report) whose values = zero in all the specified months.

How do i manage this? Thanks

On your Employee DataItem set the PrintOnlyIfDetail property to yes.

Hi. Imagine have already tried that but it printed zero values. I guess may be because zero is still a value.

Plz assist more.

An “zero”-entry is an entry is is a “detail” then.

How about CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(true/false) on the OnPreSection - trigger?

If AllZero then




Thanxs walter. U gave me an idea but have used CurrReport.SKIP Function on OnAfterGetRecord() Trigger.

Welcome. I just saw you were posting this into the Axapta forum. However, but my answers were meant to NAV. However, if you find a solution please mark the thread as answered.