Report automaticaly SaveAs in excel file


I have a request for my bose to do that some report after generation don’t be print in print preview, but will be automaticly saved in excel file.

All suggestions and comments on this issue are very welcome.
Thank you in advance


If you want to save the Default Layout in Excel Format Refer here -…/save-navision-rtc-reports-into-pdf-word.html

But if you want to save Excel File, for a Report which have custom save to excel created by partner then refer here -…/microsoft-dynamics-nav-2016-save-export.html

Let me know how it goes.

I need to change automatically the no series for a PO when we transfer a quote to order based on Amount condition
if amount < 10000 $ then no series PO…
else no series Tender…
what is the code that must be modify to obtain this result?

remark: i add to the Purchase and payables setup field Tender that contain the no series for tender

I want to do something like our first posted. I write this code in one page action
When i click one this action button nothing happens and in file ‘D:\ZenkluLapas.xls’ not be created.

Remember that the file “D:\ZenkluLapas.xls” is created on the NAV server, not on the client.