Report as Finished Production journal. (AX 2009)

Dear Experts,

I’m confused during RAF posting journal line in production. Basically what happened was,

  1. I created a new work order

  2. update it (Estimates, scheduling, start, then RAF)

  3. I go to Journal > RAF > created a new Production journal> journal line wit Dimension same as on Work order form which I newly created.

  4. I posted this journal line.

  5. again I created another journal line with same Dimension, I’m not able to post this journal. Error was : Journal has not been posted.

  6. I clicked on the picking list (in RAF- journal line form), and there goes a line which was auto created once I RAF the item in journal line just now. after I post the picking list then I able to post the RAF.

My question is, why is this happening this way? why I cant post the journal in RAF without posting the Picking List? how does this work? is there any settings in Production Parameter?

Please advise.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


You select “accept error” this allows the posting of the road journal without defining what has been picked, but obviously at some point you need to post this to push costs through.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your feedback.

my problem now is like this.

let say I create a WO 12345 > update >estimate/scheduling/ starts

the picking list & route card journal created automatically.

so, I select the Journals > RAF > production Journal form> create a production line and post it: thr r 2 options:

  1. Error

  2. I ticked “BOM consumption” in Prod.Journal line form>reference, I able to post this journal

and the posted journal creating another picking list journal. so each time I post a RAF journal a new Picking list getting created automatically. so I cant post RAF for the first picking list for the WO 12345.


if I create a new WO 67890 > update > Estimate/schedule/starts/RAF

then journals > RAF > journal lines> post : another 2 options.

  1. the first journal getting posted without BOM consumptions

  2. the rest journals, wic under same WO only getting posted after mark the BOM consumption.

why it is like this? :frowning: help to clear me out!


You are not making sense - why are you telling the system to create journals at start and finish? First you need to decide when you are creating your journals and how they are posted. Only time you create at start and raf is if you are consuming by flushing method. So first point for you to decide is if you should be telling the system to create the journals at start.

Hi Adam,

Thx. we found the reason. it is actually occurred in AX 2009 and 2012 as well. when I created a WO > after all the common procedures, picking list and route card posted automatically. RAF need to b posted manually, the reason y a picking list getting created automatically when I posting RAF is bcs I didn’t save the RAF line details before post it. sounds weird but this is the reason y picking list getting created each tym I post a new RAF in same WO.

Picking is only created at RAF if you tell it to during the RAF process.