Report and Printers

Hello to all NF User ! I have following problem, I want to set the then Report XXX should only print on the Net Printer Nr. YYY. Okay, so fare. I Use the Form 64 to define then Userid All = Blank Report ID = XXX … Printer = YYY ( one of more Net printer) Okay, on my workstation it works, but if i go to another workstation (account) it doesnt work ! Were is the Bug ?!

Well, as you know, you need to install the printerdriver on all clients (windows), and when doing this, you can also specify a name. - When YOU do the Printer Selection, YOU can select from printers installed on YOUR PC. - Therfore you need to have the SAME Printer Name on ALL pc’s on your location. Kind Regards – Henrik Helgesen, Navision Solution Developer

You don’t only have to make sure that the printer driver is installed, but that the port is also the same !! In the tabel the printername and port is stored. We do it in a different manner. We changed codeunit 1 so that Navision doesn’t look at the port but at the printername. So we have on our computers a printer named INVOICE, DELIVERY LABEL etc… Rgds Benny Giebens

If one uses terminal server, then further modifications have to be implemented. For example, one time the remote printername can be, say, EpsonAtBranch1/Session21 and at other time, say, EpsonAtBranch1/Session35. So you will have to look for substring before “/” (slash), not for full printername. Best regards, Otto Dreyer NRG Ltd.