report adjust cost item entries


i have a seriuos problem so when i run the report adjust cost item entries for update cost unite in card item , no change in value (unit cost in card) , how can updat or if can verifier the code of repot plaize can you give me a code or a solution for this problem

this it is urgent

Hello, there is a report which is doing these updates.…/hh168132(v=nav.90).aspx

ACIE is only for counting the costs,
u have to run report 1002 for create adjust cost entries in G/L.

I have some experience about this issue, maybe u can discuss with me later. :slight_smile:
hope that can help u more!

If “post cost to G/L” is enabled, you don’t need to run 1002.


Have you allowed your inventory to go below zero? If so the positive entry related to the negative movement has to be done on the same day, otherwise it would not update the cost. Go to the individual ledger entries and check the date of the transactions related to the item in reference. This maybe why your cost is not changing or else it could already be adjusted when you run the report.



The item’s “net invoiced qty.” needs to be positive for the system to update the unit cost. An item can have a positive “on hand qty” and still have a negative “net invoiced qty.” and thus not have the “unit cost” adjusted.