Report 5601 - Fixed Asset List

Hi all! This report hasn’t changed since 2.00. All my versions only print 31 lines per page. It’s not too bad if the client only has a few assets, but the current client has MANY more. Anybody want to tell me how to save a few trees and extend the length of the page? I’ve tried changing the PageSize property, and looked in the various properties and code for a line counter, but couldn’t find one. Any help much appreciated!! cheers,

This reply was received from Navision Support. I applied it (removing sections of the report that the customer didn’t need), and it worked. To fix the problem for your customer, the best approach is to decide which options your customer will be using the most when they run the report. Generally the options they choose on the options tab of the request form never change. Based on this your developer should be able to delete the sections that will never print. You may also want to remove the option from the request form and hard code the settings.