Report 111 Top 10 Customer list by department

I want to modify report 111 to show top 10 customers for a particular branch and departments if the filter is added on the request form. We have branches and departments as GL dim 1 and GL dim 2 and this info is available on cust. ledger table.

I tried adding a data item (cust. ledger) and linked it with customer table.When I tried to run the report with my filters it just kept sorting. Nothing comes out.
Can someone help me.
One more thing is that we don’t have these dimensions on customer table itself.

We are using Nav 5.0 ser 1.

I have tested report 111 and you can filter by Global dimensions. Did tried to insert Global Dimensions Filter 1 and 2 in report filters ?


I have tried it after I added the filters on customer properties. I get the following error message. I tried picking a different key order but it is not available on Customer dataitem properties.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The FlowField value cannot be calculated.

You must define and activate a key that contains the key fields that appear below (the
order is unimportant) and then associate the specified SumIndexField with it.

Key Fields: Global Dimension 2 Code,Customer No.,Posting Date

SumIndexField: Sales ($)
Table: Cust. Ledger Entry

Please let me know if I can change something to get rid of this error.

Thanks, Shaz

Hmm I wonder if maybe you…

would help?

PS did you read the error message before posting it here? [:^)]

David, I did read the error but obviously I dont know how to define the keys [:(]. Can you point me into right directions for that. I am not a developer instead I am a newbie at this.

Would appreciate the help. Thanks.

Then why did you post in the developer’s forum? [^o)]

OK, so you need to contact your Navision partner. Its a very small job, but it needs to be done by them.


I needed some help with the coding that’s why I posted in the developers forum. I have been modifying the reports succesfully and understand the logic of coding a little bit. I have not come across the sumindex problem before.

Thank you for your response and your suggestion.

Has David said, adding Keys to a table it’s an easy procedure.

Open Object Designer
Select Table and click in design. Select View and Keys.

Even this a rather easy procedure I advice you first reading first developers manual that is in Dynamics NAV installation CD.

Adding removing or modifying keys in a Navision database is one of the most dangerous things you can do if you don’t know what you are doing.

Its a simple job for your partner to do. In fact almost certainly the key is alrady there and just needs activation. It will probably be just a quick 10 min phone call, since THEY KNOW YOUR SYSTEM. We don’t. If you activate the wrong key, or add a new key with the wrong field sequence or in the wrong position it can affect yoru system dramatically.

Call your partner.


Thank you so much for your response. Unfortunately, we don’t have a license to modify the tables and our partner is not very helpful.


If your license doesn’t allow you to change add keys you must contact your current partner. Only a partner can help you out.

What does that mean? Is it the same partner that sold you the system? Don’t they want to work with you?

Or you can decide to change partners, and start a good relation ship with partner/consultant.

David and Joe, We are thinking about change but we have a customized vertical. We feel that we are stuck with them. It was a big investment in this product just a year ago.

Do you have an internal IT support team? They might be willing and able to learn a little about Navision and then help you.

You can buy the Table Designer licence granule; cost is about 500 GBP.

Why is there a problem with your partner?