Replacing AS/400 with Navision 4.0: Data Conversion Issues

Looking for someone who could provide some real timeframe estimates for conversion to Navision. We were using a old AS/400 based system and replaced it with Navision 4.0. There were a few problems leading up to the conversion mainly older users who didn’t want to convert and secondly processes that were mainly used because of the old systems limited functionality. So now we are about 6 months into the conversion and they are complaining about how long it is taking.

Based on your experience how long should we expect this conversion to take until it is complete. I realize that their will always be additional customizations needed due to our own procedures, but in general can you provide some real world timelines.

Well Joseph, first a great welcome as a member at the Dynamics User Group. We’ll hope you like it here…

To answer your question I need to make some assumptions. With a AS/400 system you’re trying to convert properly a very large database. And if you’re also trying to convert a lot of history, then you’ll have a big job. I have only once been doing this and I still remember (it was 10 years ago) there was a lot of issues just in making sure we had the right character sets getting into Navision.

But I would say that a such conversion, also assuming that the resources, besides the NAV resources, are not working full time on the project, would take anywhere between 2 and 10 months. 6 months would properly be a good guess, if the resources you have hired to do the full process are not experienced with both AS/400 and Navision at the same time. If they where, then I would say 2-3 months - but that includes the first test conversion.

In a point I’m fully agree with Erik, it depends a lot if your recourses know both A/S 400 and Navision at the same time. But a 3 months time frame for this kind of project seems to me realistic. But some projects have some issues and we don’t know details of your project.

Hi, Joseph

on my experience a conversion from AS400 to Navision takes as much as any other conversion between two different systems. That meaning that it depends upon what are you trying to convert and how the conversion is approached.

First question - which kind of company are we talking about? Manufacturer? Trader? Financial?

Second question - which kind of software were they using? Some widely used and known package? Home made and specifically tailored?

Third question - what are you migrating? Everything as it is? Just accounts and historical data? Starting as new? Are you trying to stick to standard Navision the most you can or trying to replicate the most of the old functionalities?

To migrate accounting from a system (whatever) to Navision is a silly job, just a matter of weeks. Even though they might miss some particular features at first any reasonable accountant will find in Navision the love of his/her life.

To migrate Sales, Purchases and Warehouse systems might be tricky, but can be done in a few months (3 to 4, I’d say, although I’m witnessing a company fighting to get their sale invoices straightened out since last January - but they are, indeed, quite peculiar people - not a meagniful example at all)

The real mess is usually manufacturing - even when starting from scraps - that, without knowing all the deatails can’t be predicted.

Let us know more and, please, do not cross-post.

BTW - I’m a former AS400 programmer and, although I’m now fully dedicated to Navision and satisfied with it, sometimes I miss the old chap![U]