Reorder report

Hi experts,

In Navision I created one item a Item pen . Its qty = 105. Fixed reordering policy.

Safety stock qty = 10. Reorder point = 100 . Reorder qty = 200.

When qty reaches reorderpoint Navision not creating any purchase order automatically.

That’s Ok.

At least is there any report available regarding these items are reaches reorder point .

Because I have 5000 items. How can I know which items are reaching reorderpoint.

I think it is not possible to check each item manually.

So is there any option available to get that report which items reaching reorderpoint.

Thanks and regards

There is Purchase / Planning / Order Planning - examine it.

In short - this functionality does much more than simple reporting you asked for. In fact, you can analyse the demand taking into consideration both Production and Sales current and upcoming demand and end up with generated PO’s to fulfill companies needs in goods or raw materials.

Hi ,Use the Requisition worksheet to view the items that require restock and also generate the orders .