Hi guys, i need help…

i need to set reorder point on the each item once it reach a certain minimum number(stock). The question is where should i start…what are the prerequisit setUp i need to do… assuming i have created an item…

I hope could help me…im using AX 4.0

Thanks in advance

-Ms. Blue

You need to look at the item coverage group, and the setup button and item coverage. Depending upon the dimension group item coverage setup the level of reorder is defined. Then you set the elements in the coverage setup to trigger reordering. Have you access to teh planning manual? Start with the coverage groups and attaching them to items.

  1. Master planning\Setup\Coverage\Coverage groups: Create a coverage group with coverage code Min/Max

  2. Stock management\Common forms\Item details: Assigned min/max coverage group to items to be planned according to that policy. While in the item, Setup button, Item coverage option.

2a) Create a record with dimensions and minimum/maximum qtys.

  1. Test it going to Stock management\Reports\On-hand\Critical on-hand stock, if your item has less stock than the minimum you place, should be in this report. There is no need to run master planning for min/max.

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Hi hector,

Thanks for the info,

it helped me a lot…

-though im still confused on how the master planning works… can you help me on how to setup master scheduling…since our company wants to see alerts on the critical stock items.

Question: does it create automatic Purchase Order, or transfer item order?


1663.0001minmax.jpgMaster planning has many coverage types, min/max is only one of them and may not fit to every company requierement, so I think it would be better as AdamRoue says to take a look at the planning manual to know about the whole functionality. Anyway I will give some steps to make the setup based on min/max for produced, transferred and purchased items.

You may already have the coverage group for min/max created.

Attach the min/max coverage group to items, in this example I have two items 0001 (type item) and AGR-1004 (produced) with that coverage group.


As you can see, for item 0001 I have two min/max definitions one for whse ‘Fabrica’ and the other for whse ‘Fert’. The particular thing with this two warehouses is that whse Fert was setted up to be fullfilled from whse ‘Fabrica’ in the whse parameters

Now this is the coverage for produced item AGR-1004


So what would we expect from master planning considering there is zero stock for all of them?

After running Master scheduling you will see

The upper pane shows the 2000 units required by the max qty of the min/max coverage line. The mid pane shows it is a planned transfer order, becouse this whse FERT is setted up to be supplied from FABRICA (stated in the From wharehouse field). The lower pane Pegging says where the requirement comes from, it is for Safety stock, 200 units which is the minimum, so as everything here is a proposal you can consider to decrease the quantity, but if you do so, as your min/max parameters remains the same if you decide to decrese the qty from 2000 to 1000, a new running of master scheduling will request you 1000 units to cover the max qty.

The upper pane shows the 3000 units required at Fabrica (1000 max qty at Fabrica+2000 transfer order). The mid pane shows it is a planned purchase order. The lower pane Pegging says where the requirement comes from, it is for Safety stock, 100 units which is the minimum that you don’t have at whse Fabrica, plus 2000 units for the transfer order.

The upper pane shows the 10000 units required at Fabrica (max qty at Fabrica). The mid pane shows it is a planned work order as it is a BOM item. The lower pane Pegging says where the requirement comes from, it is for Safety stock, 2000 units which is the minimum that you don’t have at whse Fabrica.

Hope this is what you need. Best regards

Hi Hector,

Thank you so much for the Info. It really helped me a lot except for refilling from other warehouse, i think it is not availble in AX 4.0 or ami not looking at the right place. Anyway, Thank you again


Yes it is available, but it is rule based. Have a look on the item coverage against the item, you have a replenishment method, set this to transfer order and define the warehouse - this is where it plans then to get it from rather than purchase and this can itself be demand and cascade into a planned purchase order on the tranfer from site.

Hi AdamRoue! In the example I use, the item has replenishment method as defaulted to Purchase Order, but Master Planning anyway creates a transfer order based on warehouse settings I think… Question: In my environment I have Warehouse Management II licensed, is it possible that the warehouse paramenters Refiling, Main warehouse and Warehouse level at the Master Planning tab of the warehouse are available due to this license? Maybe that is the issue with Miss Blue

Hi Hector

It is not a WMSII license. The refill is on the warehouse whatever, and it does not matter, you can update the general tab of the item coverage record to do what you want. I seem to remember 4.0 has an oddity about it, but you could still configure it to auto-transfer it.

Hi adam, i tried selecting the refill dropdown field in the item coverage however, it was enable. That was what i meant about the refilling. I just think that i need to set up the refilling in the warehouse setUp.

But if you have any other way of doing it in the master planning then it would much better…

Thanks and regards

My memory is rusty because 4 is so long ago, but tick the refill on the warehosue, then go to teh item coverage, alter it, then disable teh refill or leave it. It depends really, if it is ALWAYS refilled then leave it.