Reoccuring Sales Orders/Invoices

We need to come up with a way to create reoccuring sales orders/ invoices. This is that uncommon of a practice so I’m assuming someone has had some experience/thoughts for this. Thoughts, ideas anyone? BTW, we are using 3.7 Thanks

Hi Sandy You could create a base quotation and use the copy document to create a sales order that is repetitive. If you know the frequesncy of quantities over time you could use the blanket order, and create the order from it. If the reoccurring invoices are not related to the sales order you could use the recurring journal funcitonality under the periodic activities.

Hi Sandy The copy document function is a good way of creating the sales orders/invoices. In 3.70 there is the Standard Sales Code function, where you can setup a Sales Code with sales lines and then you can link this sales code to a Customer or Customers. Then on an order or invoice you can do a get function to get the sales code setup and it will insert all the lines. Cheers Peter

Hi Peter, I can’t see the get functionality in 3.70 that you describe. Can you describe in more detail please. Thanks Navicons

@Navicons: Sales&Receivables → Setup → Standard Sales Codes: Setup general sales codes and lines Customer Card → Sales → Std. Cust. Sales Codes: Apply general codes to specific customers Sales Order → Functions → Get Std. Cust. Sales Codes: Apply a customer sales code to a specific order and by doing this create the standard lines. Search online help for “standard sales code”

Thanks Beaver. It does help if you have 3.70 with a 3.70 database.

That’s truely true… :slight_smile: