Renumbering article numbers

What is the easiest way to renumber a large quantity of articles/products? Are there any tools available to do this?

I believe Aston-Indianapolis NSC used to offer an add-on to do this, but I just checked and it’s no longer on the official add-on list. You might contact them directly (I would suggest an email to Rick Baxter there). Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Try this. It is a simple dataport, and takes care of renumbering items in all tables, where ValidateTableRelation = True. You feed it with Oldnumbers, Newnumbers and possibly Newdescriptions from a text file with these three tab separated columns. Delete the code that you don’t want. Pelle download

Hi Pelle, do you still have the dataport? I have not found it in the download section of this formu. Maybe you could mail me or load it up again? Thanks in advance.

Hi Pelle, Would appreciate if you could send me the dataport by mail as the download does not seem to work. Thanks in advance !