Rental System

We are looking for a Rental System as an add on to Navision Financials or Attain. System must be certified by Navision and must be able to handle long term Rentals for Office Equipment with the usual financial entries. If anybody out there knows of a package, please contact me: Many Thanks Faizel Fazielt

Try RMI Corp in the US: They are an NSC specialized in equipment rental, sales & service. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

RMI is a US-based company, but they have customers worldwide. They have adapted their core product to many different versions of Navision. I will mention that I have heard that they will try to dissaude you from having them make too many changes to their basic product. They will do customizations so Navision can “work your way”— but they prefer to train you to use THEIR solution out of the box rather than have you spend ten of thouands of dollars on custom programming to replicate the unique features of your old accounting system :slight_smile: ------- Tim Horrigan