Rental+ Servicing in NAV

hi experts…

i have a question regarding user requirement

their business is car rental…

so for 1 transaction it could be use vehicle and driver

they have start date and end date (it could be for long term rental)

so my question is… what is the similar module that nav have for this requirement?

i’m not too sure… is it job module? or service module?

thanks in advanced


Service Module…

Service module only can use Service item

but how about human resource like driver or mechanic?

Hi Stan,

In the service module you setup a service contact to a “Service Item”. But a service item doesn’t really have to be a specific inventory item. It can “just” be a service and will allow you to specify specific prices regard services done as part of the contract. Otherwise the prices on the Service Orders/Invoices will be taken from the standard prices setup in the resource table.