Renaming Item (Variant code only code10)

Get the message when I try to rename an Item ‘A value in the filter ‘QIQ-O1-BL-L’ in the Variant Code field of the Whse. Cross-dock table Opportunity table too long for the field type Type: Code10’ The item no is 11 chars and reducing this is not an option. thanks in advance

Hello, Are you renaming the Item itself or just the Variant Code? If it is the Variant Code, it appears that someone has decided to expand the Code field in the Item Variant table (5401), but has not done a good job of it, and has not changed all the fields that look down to this field. When Navision renames something, it searches all the fields that have a relationship with it (ie anywhere there is a drill down to that field). If the value it is seaching for (IQ-O1-BL-L) exceeds the width of the fields it needs to check, it will error. Navision is trying to search the Whse. Cross-Dock Opportunity table, but cannot becuase the Variant Code field is too narrow. If you design Whse. Cross-Dock Opportunity (T5768) (Subject to you having the table designer permissions), you will see that field no. 18 ‘Variant Code’ is only 10 characters. This will have to be expanded. If you do not have table designer, you should ask your NSC to correct it. NB You may find more fields like this that have to be changed. Hope this is of help.

In the table 5768 Whse. Cross-Dock Opportunity, the field “Variant Code” has a table relation with ““Item Variant”” table, just add “.Code” after existing table relation. Otherwise it will try to change the variant code in this table with item code.