Removing stock reservations for sales lines

Hi I have a question about removing stock reservations for sales lines. I create a sales line with a quantity of 1 for an item and ensure that initially the Reservation field on the setup tab for the line is set to manual. I then chech the on hand inventory (Inventory->On-hand) for the item and make a note of the Physical reserved. I close the on hand form and then change the Reservation field on the sales line from Manual to Automatic and again open the On-hand form for the item. I see that the Physical reserved field has incremented by the quantity on the sales line (1). This all seems to be as I would expect. I then close the on-hand form and again change the Reservation field on the sales line back to Manual. I then open the on-hand form again. The Physical reserved value has NOT been reduced by the quantity on the sales line. It seems that changing the reservation field on a sales line from Automatic to Manual does not remove the reservation. Is this the way it should work and if so how do you remove a reservation? Thanks

Hi, changing the reservation from automatic to manual does not change the actual reservation. The way Axapta work, reserving a product creates a line in a separate table - this line is not deleted by changing the field on the Sales Order line (this is a very simplified description, but I hope you get the point). To un-reserve, go to the Sales Order, click the Inventory button in the lower half of the screen and select reservation. In the screen that appears, you enter 0 as quantity reserved which will remove the reservation. FYI, I do not have an Axapta in front of me at the moment, but as far as I remember this is how you do it - if it doesn’t work let me know. Regards, H. Jaeger Tectura (UK) Ltd