Removing languages

Hi everyone,

How can I remove languages from the initial list of selected languages?

Lets say, I have INDON languages I want to remove.

The reason for this, is i have several reports that thrown an error message in infolog saying “Label @SYS70751 not found in language INDON (report SalesInvoice).”


I never tried removing languages. Try removing the label files (.ald, .ali and .alc) and see whether it works.

Hope this helps


Hi Harish,

Thanks for your suggestion, but it seems not working…

I did delete .ald,.ali and .ali only for INDON, the rest is still there.

Is there any other way ?

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From the Object Designer: Tools, Language Module, Export. Give it a file name and check the “delete language” checkbox. Let it run, click OK to confirm, and it’s gone.

Thanks DenSter for your answer…

I am sorry if i was wrong, is it in Axapta ? I mean about steps you give it to me…

It is strange, i cant find it in Axapta, for example Object Designer, Tool, Language Module…

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Daniel is Dynamics Nav MVP. By mistake he posted reply for Ax query.

I can’t think of any other option. Usually it should work. BTW how did you remove the files? Once removed are you connecting using 2 tier? Is their AOS instance running on that application?


Hmm, im thinking just like you Haris, its should work…But right now, im not handle that project anymore. So its closed till here.

Thank you Daniel, Haris for giving me answer for me…Its really meaningfull for me…

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